January Empties!

Hello! Welcome to a blog post that is its first in a while, since covid lockdown actually. I always love a good “Empties” post so I’ll start with one of those!

Polaar (Sample size, 20ml) Very High Protection Sun Lotion, Rodial (Sample size, 20ml) Bee Venom Cleansing Balm, AHAVA (Deluxe sample size, 40ml) Deadsea Water Mineral Body Lotion

I really liked Polaar’s sun lotion, it’s really light, easy to rub in, gave good protection and is fragrance free. It didn’t feel sticky, it felt like a light moisturiser. The sample size gave me enough for one whole body application and reapplication in some areas.

I did like Rodial’s cleansing balm but it took a bit to get used to. I don’t usually use cleansing balms. After cleansing and rinsing, with just water, it still felt like I had residue left on my skin but once I had dried my skin my face felt extremely smooth and soft, and it was clean! It smells really fresh, not too strong. I would recommend using a warm cloth to remove the balm from your skin rather than rinsing.

When it came to AHAVA’s body lotion I only used it once. Unfortunately it is fragranced and I didn’t like the scent. The lotion itself did feel light, soft and smooth but I can’t get past the scent to continue using it.

This Works (Sample size, 10ml) Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum , The Bonbon Factory (Full size, 160ml) Mocha Face Whip Face Wash & Scrub

This Works’ serum was really nice to use, it was really light and easy to apply. It absorbed really quick and didn’t feel thick on my skin but I did notice it was a liiitle bit sticky after application. It has a nice fresh natural scent, it wasn’t overbearing at all. I didn’t need to use much at all so I would say a full size would last you a while.

Mocha Face Whip by Bon Bon Factory is definitely my favourite product in January’s empties. This smells amazing, like I could easily eat it. I also loved that it had a decent amount of coffee in it to give a good scrub, but not enough to feel rough. I used this once or twice and week and it lasted well over 2months, I will definitely use again!!

BellaPierre Cosmetics (Full size, 6g) Mineral Blush, shade “Amaretto”, Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo (Full size, 2.4ml) Mini Super Lip Gloss, shade “Baby”, Tarte (Full size, 1.5g) Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush, shade “Insightful”

I really liked all 3 of these products! The two blushes by Bella Pierre and Tarte are really nice soft pink tones and felt really nice on my skin, not at all cakey. They were both really buildable. These are both pretty much full but I have had them for well over 12months, probably over 24months, so it’s time to chuck these! The lid on the Tarte blush broke really easily though which was annoying when I was travelling.

The lipgloss was a really nice iridescent clear tone with a hint of pink. It smelt really fruity, it was really sweet and it lasted a while on my lips. The only downside of this lipgloss is that it is extremely sticky.

That's all my January empties, thanks for reading xx

2019/2020 Empties!

Wow it has been SO long since I posted a blog.  I asked myself today how can I get some “me time” during this lockdown in New Zealand and my mind automatically thought of my neglected blog account and then I thought of my box of empties sitting in my wardrobe that I somehow just couldn’t get rid of.  Every time I sit here and type I’m reminded of how much I love writing, and reminded again of my obsession with the beauty and skincare world.

Most of these items I finished using at the end of 2019 and all the rest I only recently finished using.  I’ve also added a small review on each product:


ArbonneAdvanced Prepwork Micellar Water, 118ml.  This is a beautiful and affordable cleanser/makeup remover.  It doesn’t feel harsh on my skin and left it feeling fresh and cleansed.

Linden Leaves – In Bloom Natural Hand & Body Wash, 300ml “Fresh top notes of citrus and pear, layered over a subtle blend of marine, green florals and lily. Fine fragrance exclusive to Linden leaves. Gentle daily care for all skin types”.  This is one of my absolute faves from my pile of empties.  This smells so delicious, it felt amazing on my skin and the packaging is GORGEOUS!

EssanoCertified Organic Mist Toner, 120ml.  I love Essano products and I loved using this product, I honestly love Mist Toners in general.  But I love that this product is certified organic and made in NZ.


Goodness ProductsEvery Week Face Scrub, 50ml.  Another brand I love supporting that’s made in NZ.  This scrub is perfect if you love gentle facial scrubs!

JurliqueHerbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream, 15ml.  I think I got this one in a beauty box and unfortunately this is a miss for me. This tube is still full, I only used it once. The scent is very powerful and smells like perfume/body powder.

Aveeno – Daily Moisturising Lotion, 225ml.  I loved using this on my dry skin, it was moisturising but didn’t leave a moist/greasy feeling.  I loved that it’s fragrance free, perfect for working in an office where sometimes people are sensitive to certain scents.


ArbonneBio-Hydria Gel Cream 50ml, Gel Cleanser 125ml & Liquid Serum 30ml.  If your skin needs some serious hydration I 100% recommend these products.  I’ve always avoided gel based products as they’ve never worked for me but I loved using these.  The cleanser made my skin feel really clean, it didn’t leave a tight feeling, the serum was extremely hydrating and the cream topped off my skincare routine perfectly.  Each product has solid packaging and has a refreshing scent.


SamplesGlow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask (I loved this product – would definitely buy full size); Go-To Zincredible Daily Moisturiser (I didn’t like using this, it was too thick & didn’t spread very well); Linden Leaves Regenerating Night Cream (I loved using this product, smells really nice and was really good for my dry skin).


Arbonne – Botaniques Vanilla Moisturizing Lip Balm.  I loved using this lipbalm, I’m a huge lipbalm fan so I know what I love and don’t love and this ticks all my boxes – moisturising, hydrating, longlasting, smells good and doesn’t taste yuck!  Another bonus is that it’s vegan.

Thursday Plantation Macadamia Ultra-Hydrating Daily Face Oil, 30ml.  This product is Australian made, vegan and is for normal to dry skin.  I mixed a drop or 2 with some of my moisturisers or straight onto my skin if my skin was feeling really dry and it worked a treat.

Linden LeavesEssential Facial Moisturiser, 50ml.  This product was a really soft and gentle product to use.  I found this absorbed really fast and left my skin feeling a bit dry so I had to mix a couple of drops of facial oil with it.  The smell is nice but was a little strong when I first started using it.

There you go lovelies, that’s all my empties! I have a few more products making their way to the “empties box” soon and will do another review and blog post then!  Have you tried any of these products?  Thanks for reading xx

Compostable Facial Wipes?

Trash…has anyone else just had enough of it? I try my best to make a conscious effort to recycle wherever possible and throw all scraps in my compost heap – there’s really no excuses.

I’ve noticed a huge shift take place in packaging, more and more brands are making their product or packaging compostable, more eco-friendly you could say! Are you on board with it?

Have you heard about compostable facial wipes? Nor did I until I became familiar with Arbonne, they have their own compostable Dissolve The Day Facial Cleansing Cloths. Arbonne’s compostable cleansing cloths are the first of it’s kind that I had personally heard of but on searching online there are a number of brands who are eco-friendly as well. These are the only ones I have tried so I’m here to tell you my thoughts on Arbonne’s.



I bought these back in October 2018 and decided I would wait a good 6 months before I wrote a review because my pet peeve when it comes to wipes is that they lose their moisture too quick after opening.

Well it’s been past 6 months, actually it’s been 11 months since I used my first cloth and I can confidently say that these tick that box. These wipes are still full of moisture and are still fresh as the first one – I’m down to my last one and can still feel how moist it is. These are so good for removing makeup or to remove dirt and gunk. When I’m travelling I prefer these over packing a cleanser so there’s no fear of your cleanser leaking and not having to worry about a sealable bag when travelling internationally.


When it comes to composting, what exactly do you need to do? Arbonne’s packaging states “Compostable within 84 days in professional composting facilities”. I don’t know about you but where I live there are no professional composting facilities so I was confused as to whether or not I could just chuck it in my own compost. But decided to do it anyway. Two weeks later I found it and took this photo for you, which you can see that it’s breaking down slightly on the sides and scrunching. A week later I did go searching for it but amongst all the scraps in there, it wasn’t appealing enough for me to dig around.


If you love using facial wipes/cleansing cloths then these are 100% recommendable, I love them. These are now my ‘go-to and they are super affordable at only $23.00.

Thanks for reading xx

Arbonne Nightly Resurfacing Pads – Before & After!

Over a month ago I started using Arbonne’s “Arbonne Intelligence Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution”.  According to Arbonne, this product is clinically proven to improve skin moisture, elasticity and firmness in just 2 weeks.  Reduce the look of dark spots and fine lines for skin that feels smooth, even toned and beautiful.  I had read some amazing reviews and seen some really good results of people who had used the product.  My face is covered in freckles and was definitely in need of some firmness so putting these to the test was exciting.


This product comes with a tub of 60 resurfacing pads and a bottle of resurfacing solution.  You pour the solution over the pads while they’re in the tub and the pads will soak up the solution.  Every evening after cleansing I gently wiped a pad over my face and followed with my normal skincare routine.  As mentioned at the beginning I’ve been using these resurfacing pads for just over 30 days.  Here’s my before and after photos.

Left "Before" - Right "After"
Left “Before” – Right “After”

Left “Before” – Right “After”

Both photos were taken in direct natural sunlight, no makeup, and clearly in the before photos I still had a bit of summer glow on me!  Over the 30 days I couldn’t notice differences in appearance but seeing the photos next to each other I can clearly see that quite a few spots, and particularly the pigmentation on the side of my eye area, has lightened.  In regards to the texture of my skin, this was the biggest difference I noticed.  These pads made my skin feel so smooth and soft, I also used the pads down my neck which got rid of all the little bumps.  I can also see that my skin looks a lot more fresh and younger looking.

For me there were also a couple of things I disliked.  The first was that for the first 2 seconds there was a strong scent which caused a stinging feeling in my eyes. As I said this lasted for only a couple of seconds but it was certainly noticeable.  Has anyone else experienced this?  The second thing was that it caused a couple of breakouts/red spots on my skin which caused the skin on those spots to peel.  I have never experienced that before and I rarely get breakouts on my skin.  This could mean this product is slightly too harsh for my skin – I’m not sure.

Will I continue using them? Yes. I have just under a month to go and I’m keen to see the difference these last uses will make to my skin.  Have you tried this product or something similar? I’d love to hear your review!!!



I AM Co – March Delight Box!

Can you remember when I was getting these boxes a year ago? I LOVED getting these each month, so I thought why not get one this month…I AM Co were having a sale and I love a good bargain!  This particular box focused on Vegan products, even better!  Here’s what I got:

The Herbal Teapot – Nourish Tea sample. Made from organic herbs, Nourish is a blend of hawthorn leaves, flowers & berries, rose petals, nettle, hibiscus, rosemary, lemon balm, lime blossom, ginger & cinnamon.  How gorgeous is that packaging!


Harraways Harr-os Oat Bites in “Thai Sweet Chilli Pumpkin” flavour – Baked not fried, no artificial colours or flavours & made with NZ Oats.  Eek, I wanted to like these but I didn’t like the flavour. They also have Indian Spice and Mexican Salsa.

Annies “Apple & Mango” Fruit Bar – Made from 100% fruit, no fillers or additives, no added sugar, no preservatives. Gluten, Dairy, Sulphite & Peanut Free. The perfect on-the-go snack! Yum!


Bennetto Natural Food Co – Mini Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar – most definitely my favourite product from the box! I don’t particularly LOVE chocolate, you could say it’s not my downfall but…hmm..that may have changed. This is so delicious!! Ingredients: Cocoa beans, Raw cane sugar, Cocoa butter, Dried raspberries and Madagascar vanilla beans.

Ceres Organics “Cacao Fig Orange” Raw Bar – Ceres have harnessed wholesome organic and wholefood ingredients to create a yummy snack bar. Ingredients: Raw figs, Raw almonds, Raw sultanas, Raw cacao powder, Cinnamon & Cold pressed orange oil. If you love orange flavoured chocolate you’ll love this!


Tasti Box of 5 “Peanut Caramel” Wholefood Bars – If you love Tasti’s Smooshed Wholefood Balls, like me, then you’ll love these wholefood bars! I’ve been taking these to work as an afternoon snack. Ingredients: Dates, Peanuts, Coconut, Sea Salt & “A Hint of Natural Caramel Flavour” (which they don’t appear to stipulate where that ingredient is derived from).

Proper Crisps “Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt” – Chips are my absolute downfall so these were gone in a minute! These were sooo yummy!!! Ingredients: Potatoes, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vinegar, Acacia Gum, Citric Acid & Raw Sugar. Surely these a better choice if you’re reaching for potato chips next time you’re at the supermarket!


Essano “Superfoods Turmeric Reviving Facial Mask” – I love skincare so anytime I get a skincare item in one of these boxes it seems to make it all worth it, and I love Essano too! Turmeric….I’m scared! I haven’t tried this mask yet. The last time I used Turmeric in a food recipe it stained my cutlery, and I have seen a beauty blogger’s face turn yellow from using skincare with Turmeric…eek…think I’ll leave this one for a rainy weekend!

Daily Organics “Apple Cider Vinegar” – OOh I’ve wanted to buy Apple Cider Vinegar for a while but have been hesitant. What I love about these subscription boxes is that they send you items you haven’t necessarily tried/or scared to try. I’ve heard there are so many health benefits from having apple cider vinegar daily. I could probably make my own Cider Vinegar Chips – yess!! :p


There you go! That’s everything! What product would you most like to try? I Am Co’s delight boxes also come with information cards for all products, some bonus recipes to create using some of the products and a cute little affirmation card (I pop these in my wallet or on the fridge).  Want to try a box for yourself? Use the code delightboxlove & mention my name to get $10 off!


Thanks for reading xx


Honeybundle – March Box!

Did you check out my post of February’s Honeybundle box?  The February box was filled with so many beautiful products so I couldn’t wait to see what Honeybundle put together for their March release!


If you haven’t seen my previous post on Honeybundle, I love that they encourage community and feel the importance of self-care “When you feel good, it makes the world of a difference”That’s why Honeybundle makes sure the products they handpick are fit for the lovely ladies enjoying them.  Not only that, they make sure the products included are all natural and ethically made.  So cool!

Let’s jump right in shall we?!…

Honeybundle – Infused Rosehip Oil.  Ingredients: Rosehips, Evening Primrose Oil & Lavender Oil.  If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that skincare oils are my absolute favourite beauty product, not only because of my dry skin but because they are so versatile.  I use them on my cuticles, elbows, knees, heels, you can add a few drops to your favourite moisturiser for a good massage, add to a hair serum for dry ends – the options are endless.


Honeybundle – Rosehip Facial Toner.  Ingredients: Rosehip Infused Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Witch Hazel, Rose Hydrosol.  It’s like Honeybundle are in my mind – spray facial toners are up there with oils on my list of favourite skincare products.  Firstly they are so refreshing, hydrating, this one smells particularly amazing, and I love the convenience of the spray.


Clover + Me – Hand poured Soy Candle in the scent “Guava & Lychee”.  Oh my goodness this smells so good, like so good I feel like melting it and drinking it (please don’t do that!).  Can’t wait to let this one burn!!! Yummmm!!


Inspired Soap Company – Gemstone Soap Rose Quartz.  How gorgeous is this soap?! You know how we sometimes choose not to use the pretty stuff  so it can stay that way forever…this looks too pretty to use but I’m going to enjoy this dam pretty thing, it smells and feels so luxe! “Rose Quartz – The stone of unconditional love. Rose quartz can also be used to reduce stress and encourage a calm demeanour”.


This Is Comb – Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil.  “Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil coupled with the hero ingredient Manuka Oil, will result in healthier, stronger hair with a flawless shine”.  This comes with an information sheet which explains 4 different ways on “How to COMb your hair”.! Love it & can’t wait to put this one to use.


Indie & Mae – Self Love Bundle – this is so beautiful! So beautiful I don’t want to unravel it! But I will because I want to try their Self-Love roll on, made from essential oils Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lime & Fractionated Coconut Oil – bliss!


I love that all of these products will make beautiful gifts, or a gift to yourself to enjoy and take some time out to relax, bring peace and focus on you, and if you purchase them you’re also helping woman with their small New Zealand made business!  If you’d like to purchase your own Honeybundle Box, use the code LITTLEBIRDIES15 to receive a 15% discount off your first box – click here which will take you over to Honeybundle’s website.  Thanks for reading xx – Keep an eye out for April’s box!


Honeybundle – February Box!

Honeybundle is a recently launched New Zealand subscription service which focuses on natural, handcrafted products by New Zealand women, for women.  I absolutely LOVE supporting small New Zealand businesses, and me and skincare, beauty and subscription boxes is kind of a match made in heaven!  Honeybundle is also driven by community, nurture and empowerment – I love that!


I had to jump on board with Honeybundle’s vision and ordered my first box, and was only too excited when it showed up at work on my desk.  I instantly felt the natural and handcrafted vibes from the packaging and couldn’t wait to open this beauty and rummage.


Being my first box, I didn’t have any expectations, but if Honeybundle’s Instagram page was anything to go by I knew I’d be getting some beautiful products.  Here’s what I got:

Libertine BlendsKapow Tea (Lemongrass, Kawakawa, Cardamon & Chilli – Bold & Warming Organic Herbal Tea). Native kawakawa and chilli pack a punchy, peppery flavour, balanced by the freshness of lemongrass and the sweet finish of cardamon.  Kapow is a fabulous digestive tea. Yum!


Honeybundle (The Wick Collection) – Hand poured, Pure Soy Candle.  This smells amazing and can’t wait to light this!


Ora AromatherapyPositivity Spritzer.  Made with 100% therapeutic essential oils (Geranium, Grapefruit, Neroli, Lemongrass, Orange, Citronella, Meadow Foam Seed and Purified Aqua).  I’ve spritzed this on my face which uplifted my senses and literally created a moment of pure bliss.

CovenBlue Magick Detox Mask and Application Brush.  Ingredients include New Zealand Glacial Clay, Kaolin Clay, Coconut Milk, Blueberry, Blue Spirulina, Butterfly Pea, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Extract, Maltodextrin from Tapioca and Acacia Fibre. So much goodness! Use this mask to purify your skin while the antioxidant-packed superfoods revitalise and protect against skin-damaging radicals.

CovenSingle Use Detox Masks “Summer Skin” and “Green Smoothie”.  Super handy for travel or chuck in a gift bundle to your bestie.


Wild Earth – Natural Perfume “Grounded”, a natural essential oil perfume blend of pink grapefruit, patchoulli and ylang ylang.  Apply to pulse points – looking forward to trying this beauty out.


Honeybundle – Lemon & Eucalyptus Bath Bomb with Rose & Calendula Petals.  With some cooler weather coming our way this is another goodie that I can’t wait to use!


I was also excited to see a Jade Roller in the box, I don’t know what brand/company this is from but I love it.  Apparently Jade Rollers improve skin tone, blood circulation, elasticity, reduces puffiness and dark under eye circles.  Ready to put this to good use.


What do you think ladies/gentlemen? If you’re a skincare/beauty junkie like me, or if you know someone (your mum, sister, aunty, cousin, partner) who would love to receive one of these boxes as a treat I highly recommend! BONUS: Feel free to use my discount code – LITTLEBIRDIES15 to get 15% off your first box – let’s jump on board and support these small New Zealand businesses!


I have received my March Honeybundle box & will be sharing those products with you real soon so keep an eye out, thanks for reading xx

Arbonne Unboxing!

I’d thought I’d share with you a different kind of unboxing.  If you read my last post about Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Skincare line you’ll know that I am an independent Arbonne Consultant.

Recently Arbonne created “Consultant Perks” – every month they automatically send out a free gift once you purchase over a certain amount of product AND most months they also have a special like “Spend over $$$ (said amount) and buy this for $45”, PLUS as a consultant, when you reach a certain amount you can also purchase $170.00 worth of product for $45 – you get to choose what products you want.  Well January was a month NOT TO BE MISSED!

The Consultant Perk was 4 of their most beautiful Essential Oils (who doesn’t love FREEBIES), they were also offering a bag of Chai Protein Powder, Protein Shake Mixer, RE9 Advanced Prepwork Soft Focus Veil & their Facial Cleansing Cloths for $45 (a total value of over $250.00), and because of my other purchases I selected a $166.00 product for $45 (the Arbonne Intelligence Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution).

To get these freebies and deals I purchased a bag of Vanilla Meal Replacement, 1 litre Water Bottle, Arbonne Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil, Green Apple Arbonne Essentials Fizz Sticks, Pomegranate Arbonne Essentials Fizz Sticks & RE9 Advanced Prepwork Cleansing Polish (a few of these things were orders for friends).  Here’s a look at everything I got:

So excited to try some of these products out!! Thanks for reading, let me know if you have tried any of these products or if you would like to try them for yourself xx

Arbonne RE9 Advanced – Review!

Today I’m reviewing Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Extra Moisture Set which claims to help skin look visibly rejuvenated and youthful. Arbonne describes their RE9 Advanced skincare as “Remarkable”, “Revolutionary” and “Unparalleled” and state that their supreme anti-ageing collection includes the latest in skincare advancements, and are coupled with coveted, gold standard scientific and botanical ingredients that work together for superior performance.  That’s a lot to live up to and if that’s not enough to make you want to try these products then I don’t know what is! I’m keen to jump in and put these to the test!


There are a number of products in Arbonne’s RE9 skincare line but in the RE9 Advanced Extra Moisture Set you receive: Smoothing Facial Cleanser (90ml), Regenerating Toner (50ml), Intensive Renewal Serum (30ml), Corrective Eye Cream (15ml), Extra Moisture Restorative Cream SPF (50ml) and Night Repair Cream (50ml) all beautifully presented in their own individual boxes enclosed in a larger white and gold box.  Key ingredients include Mondo Grass Root Extract, Witch Hazel, Vitamin B3, Mexican Giant Hyssop Extract, Beech Tree Bud Extract, Cucumber Extract and Vitamin E, to name a few.


On opening each box I first noticed how gorgeous the packaging was and how luxe they felt, call me a sucker but pretty packaging gets me every time so already I’m sold! In all seriousness though, for me personally, part of what I like to pay for is solid and untacky packaging that won’t break easily, I also like convenience and all of these tick those boxes.  The cleanser has a twisty lockable top which makes it handy for travel.  The cleanser, serum, eye cream and restorative cream are in pump style bottles (the bottom pushes the product up) so there’s no wasted product.  The night cream is in a tub and comes with a little spatula for scooping out product. I don’t use the spatula but if you’re concerned about bacteria then this is a handy little tool.


To the actual products themselves, I chose the “Extra Moisture” set because I have dry skin. Mostly I rely on facial oils to give extra moisture because a lot of skincare products I use, specifically for dry skin, don’t give me enough moisture.  Recently I travelled to the South Island and took this set to try out for the first time.  I took a facial oil just in case the products didn’t live up to expectations.  While down South the weather was still cool so of course my skin was still its normal dryness (as opposed to over Summer it’s more “normal to dry”).  Did they disappoint? No! Just as luxe as the packaging felt, the products felt just as luxe to use!  The products didn’t feel harsh on my skin, they leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated and what I love too is that you only need to use a smidgen of product for your whole face.  I can’t choose a favourite from the set as they’re all on par with each other for quality.  I do feel an extra bit “mmm” when I use the Serum though :p


Do I recommend? Yes! These products aren’t cheap though, these are definitely up there with high end price tags but if your budget allows you to spend a bit more on quality then definitely try them out! Depending how you shop with Arbonne the prices vary, you can shop as a consultant, or as a client or shop without an account with Arbonne.  Click the following link to check out the set here.  All products can be purchased individually as well and all come with a 45 day money back guarantee if you don’t like them.  Have you tried this range? I’d love to hear your thoughts, thanks for reading xx

*Disclaimer – I am an independent Arbonne Consultant. My review is my personal honest opinion. The link contained in this post is directed to my Arbonne website.

East Cape Lighthouse!

The East Cape Lighthouse, also known as the most eastern point on the North Island of New Zealand. If you’re travelling these East Coast roads, you’ve no doubt done your research and know that this is a must do before you leave.

From Te Araroa, the 20km gravel road will take you to the bottom of Otiki Hill.  Though the road is mostly gravel, with a few tight spots with only room for one car, it’s an easy enjoyable journey to view the coastline and we wowed.  There’s plenty of parking space available at the bottom of the hill.


You’ll be greeted with a sign pointing you in the right direction for parking and where to start your trek, together with a gentle reminder of the 800 steps you’re about to stride up.  You need to walk through private land to the start of the trek so you’ll see some of the owners’ horses.


I did this walk a few years ago but decided to do it again a few days ago in 30 degree heat.  It took approximately 20minutes to the top, and I would put it down as “Easy” on the scale of difficulty, though there’s a few steep steps most of them are an easy incline. If you feel like resting there’s a seat about half way up and there’s also a steel rail all the way up which you can lean against or use to help pull yourself up.  Most of the way is sheltered with beautiful trees & plants if you’re worried about it being too hot. I do recommend a bottle of water though!



At the top you’ll be able to see beautiful views of the east coast and of course check out the famous lighthouse, which stands at 14 metres high, and 154 metres above sea level.  Though I haven’t done it, I 100% recommend being up the top at sunrise, I can only imagine how stunning it would be!


Thanks for reading xx