I did it, I subscribed to Lust Have It.  To be honest I had held off for some time because of some uncomplimentary reviews I had read BUT they sold it to me when they offered me a deal to purchase their first bag for $9.95. I couldn’t pass that up right??


I finally got to unzip one of their cute pink bags for the first time a few weeks ago. Let’s have a look at what was inside:

Unani Micellar Water, 200ml – RRP $22.50


Hikari Blush “Bikini” – RRP $21.00 (you could have received the shade “Sunkissed” or “Bikini”)



Hikari Lip Crayon “Macchiato” – RRP $18.00 (you could have received the shade “Sunkissed” or “Amour”, the shade I got was not listed on the info card)


Skinyoga Almond Orange Face Scrub, 5gm sample – RRP $4.20, Full Size $24.00


Skinyoga Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask, 5gm sample – RRP $4.20, Full Size $24.00


I paid AUD$9.95 + $2.95 shipping for this bag and the RRP value of this bag is $69.90. January’s bag definitely exceeded my expectations.  It is really good value to receive 3 full sized products, especially the 200ml bottle of Unani Micellar Water. I wouldn’t spend $22.50 on Micellar Water so to get this in a subscription bag is a good plus! I like that they included two products of each of the Skinyoga and Hikari brands which has allowed me to figure out whether I like those particular brands and whether I want to use those brands again.


My thoughts on Lust Have It: Right from the click of “Subscribe” I received excellent customer service which is a deal breaker for me.  Confirmation emails were sent right away, I received responses to a few queries I had right away (within an hour), I received an email about a week before the bag was being sent out asking me to update my address if needed and also received an email letting me know my bag had been sent.  There are a couple of things they could improve on such as making the mobile website a bit more user friendly in terms of how to contact them (I found contact details via their emails, not on their mobile website), they don’t use tracking for New Zealand packages, and postal to New Zealand took up to 10 working days which means receiving your bag well into the next month – it would be fab if they sent it in the middle of the month. Overall I’m happy so far though and look forward to my next one. Check them out here if you want to subscribe!

I decided to do this post on January’s bag as I’m currently waiting for my February bag to arrive and thought it would be good to compare them close together.  Let me know what your thoughts are on Lust Have It and whether you would like a review on any of the products shown.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, until next time xx