I was very intrigued to find out how well this Living Nature Radiance Night Oil performed because let’s face it $69 for 10ml of product is beyond my budget and I’m sure many others. I was lucky enough to receive this in a beauty box so this practically cost me $10.00.


Let’s check out the facts:

Made:  Of and in New Zealand; Skin Type: All skin types.

Ingredients: “This product contains only ingredients created by nature and is both synthetic and animal free”.


Claims to: Rejuvenate, soothe and assist your skin’s natural regeneration process while you sleep.


How to use: Smooth a few drops over your face each evening after cleansing and toning.


*Not tested on animals *Certified Natural Ingredients *Best Before December 2018 but best used within 6 months of opening.

 These are all really good qualities I look for in skincare products.  I’m not completely partial to natural products but it’s definitely a preference.

You’ll see the product comes in a jade frosted glass bottle with a gold toned cap and a white tip dropper.  I have found it really easy to use and have no problems getting the right amount of oil out.  After admiring the packaging the next thing you’ll probably notice when you use it for the first time is the scent.  I’m not going to lie – it is very strong.  I always say with natural products that you’ll either love or hate the scent.  This one is quite overpowering but I can handle it at night, there’s a calming sense to the smell.  It’s definitely not one I could wear during the day.


I love using oils so I’ve tried a few.  I’ve found this one isn’t as “oily” as others if that’s such a thing.  I find it’s quite light and gentle on my skin and very easy to smooth over my face.  Like the box says, you only need a few drops.

What I love about this product is that even though it leaves a very hydrated/moisturised feeling on my face, as you would expect, by morning my skin does not feel oily and in need of a cleanse.  It actually feels, as cliché as it sounds, rejuvenated.


I’ve enjoyed using this oil and still have about 5ml left so I’ll be making the most of a $69 product I got for $10.00.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried this and would you spend $69.00 on a face oil?

Thanks for reading lovelies, until next time xx