BEST BEAUTY BOX EVER  is yet to disappoint – I keep expecting at least one or two items that I either don’t need or want but every beauty box I’ve received from them has been beyond impressive.  **Scroll down for a discount to receive 10% off**

Let’s see what’s inside:

ZA KILLER VOLUME CURL MASCARA, RRP $23.00 – I’m loving this chunky packaging, it’s so easy to handle and apply. The wand grabbed each and every lash and stretched each lash out to its full length.  This claims “No smudges” and “Waterproof”.  It didn’t smudge when I purposely rubbed my eyes but unfortunately it smudged under my eyes when I applied water to my face (approx 2 hours after application).


MANICARE MASCARA WANDS, RRP $11.99, Pack of 20 – I haven’t used these yet but I love that there are 4 different styled wands to choose from with each having different benefits such as plumping, curl, length and definition.  Such a handy essential to have.


MANICARE DUAL COSMETIC PENCIL SHARPENER, RRP $11.99 I love this sharpener.  It’s sturdy, has 2 different sized sharpeners and the lid clicks on tightly giving assurance of no spillage!


GLAM LASHES, RRP $13.99 I’ve never in my life attempted to use falsies so whilst I’m excited to try these I’m a bit nervous that I’ll end up with eyelashes on my forehead.  Thank goodness for step by step instructions on the back – phew!  I love that these are a “Natural” style.

ARTISTE SMALL ALL OVER SHADOW BRUSH, RRP $16.49 – This is a sleek brush to use and the fibres are extremely soft and gentle on my skin.  It picks up product really well also.  There was a few fibres sticking out to the side before I even opened the packaging but the brush is still workable.


DR LEWINNS SKIN CELL RENEWING FIRMING EYE CREAM, RRP $59.99 – I love the feel of this cream, it’s really soft and gentle to use and you only need small amounts to use around your eyes.  My under eye area is luminous and brightening after applying so I’ll definitely be using this each morning.

MANICARE EYELASH CURLER, RRP $12.99 – This is your standard eye lash curler but I love that it’s stainless steel, that means this will last a very long time!  This is very easy to use and I’m glad I’ve finally got one to add to my top drawer of goodies.


MANICARE TWEEZERS, RRP $13.99 – I do already have a pair of tweezers but they’re forever going missing so this is a perfect spare pair to leave in the cupboard in the bathroom. I love the feature of the non-slip grip!


LOREAL PARIS POWDER SUPERLINER SMOKISSIME, RRP $22.99 – At first I was really confused when I opened this.  At the time I didn’t realise it was a powder and then when I did I was thinking where on earth is the powder coming from, it wasn’t until I moved the lid that some fell out and that’s when I clicked.  So just a tip, when using this, keep the lid upright or you’ll get powder all over you. I do like using this, it’s really easy to use. You do need to dab it in the lid a few times to get a darker look though which is a bit annoying but in saying that, this is way easier to use than a liquid eyeliner. This is very blendable too so this is perfect to get a smokey look.

LOREAL PARIS BROW ARTIST PLUMPER, RRP $19.99 – I chose “Transparent” for my choice of brow plumber. I did already have the Gimme Brow from Benefit in brown but I found it often left unwanted brown streaks on my skin outside of my brows so this is so much easier to deal with.


MELLOW COSMETICS GLAM SQUAD EYE SHADOW PALETTE, RRP $28.50 – I am yet to use this, I thought I would do a separate post about this one so look out for that.  I did a few swatches for you though.  I’m loving the colours, love that it includes a blush and bronzer and also features a mirror making it so much easier to apply.



I’m most excited about using lashes for the first time…wish me luck, I love Dr Lewinns products and the Mellow palette is gorgeous.  I love all the Manicare products, I have none of these items at all, apart from the tweezers, so I’m happy to now have all the essentials!!  I’ll be doing some reviews on some of these items so keep an eye out.

SO there you go lovelies.  This box is $74.95 but I nabbed it while they had a discount going, and it’s total value is $235.00!!  **For a 10% DISCOUNT on the Incredible Eyes box head on over to and USE THE CODE xtwolittlebirdiesx AT CHECKOUT!!

Thanks for reading lovelies, until next time xx