In case you didn’t realise from the title, it was Look Fantastic’s birthday last month, so they celebrated by making September’s box their #LFBDAY edition! Let’s see what was inside:

Lord & Berry Strobing Pencil, 0.7g, Deluxe Size, RRP ? (unfortunately I can’t find this on their online shop) – As you can see from the swatch it is beautiful! It glides on so smoothly and easy.  It blends very easily as well but found if you blend it out too much it becomes less noticeable.

Bare Minerals Mini Moxie Lipstick, 1.5g, Deluxe Size, Value £7.28 (full size 3.5g, £17.00) – This little lipstick packs a punch when it comes to giving your lips a hint of colour! Formulated with a Vitamin A, C and E complex, alongside Omega Fatty Acids and Abyssinian Oil, it nourishes your lips to keep them hydrated and conditioned.

Bliss Lemon & Sage Maximum Moisture Cream, 30ml, Deluxe Size, Value £3.30 (full size 200ml, RRP £22.00) – This is a paraben-free moisturiser that hydrates the skin to leave it feeling soft, supple and healthy.  Sodium Hyaluronate helps to normalise the skin moisture content to help it retain water, whilst Coconut Oil and Vitamin E works to improve skin tone to leave it feeling firmer and smoother. *I love using this cream and it smells so good.

Gatineau Collagene Expert Eye Pads, 1 sample sachet with 2x pads, Value £6.00 (full size 6 sachets of 2x pads, RRP £36.00) – These eye pads are an instant beauty treat! Infused with Collagen to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, Glycerin to hydrate the eye area and reduce dark circles and puffiness, and Allantoin, which soothes the skin to reduce irritation; they are the perfect renewal treatment for tired eyes. *I have used the two eye pads and believe without a doubt that using these continuously will be beneficial! I was incredily surprised at how smooth my skin felt after using them.

Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo, 75ml, Deluxe Size, Value £8.40 (full size 250ml, £28.00) – This gorgeous shampoo is free from chemicals such as parabens, silicones and SLS to help gently cleanse your hair without irritating your skin or scalp. The natural blend of Jujube Bark and Cherry Flower Extracts work to purify the scalp and rid it of dry skin and flaking. This helps to give you softer and bouncier hair as the shampoo rids it of the impurities that can weigh it down. *I find the scent to be more of manly smell but it did leave my hair feeling softer. It would have been great to try this with the conditioner!

Argan Liquid Gold BB Cream “Multi-Tone”, 10ml, Deluxe Size, Value £23.33 (full size 30ml, RRP £70.00) – Um this is probably the most expensive BB cream I’ll ever try! This BB cream is infused with Organic Argan Oil and 24 Carat Gold to nourish the skin and add hydration, all while giving you a beautiful golden glow. It’s clever formulation adapts to your individual skin tone to leave your complexion glowing, healthy and even. *This adapted to my skin tone very well, in fact, it’s barely noticeable but gives my skin the glow it says it would. It is extremely lightweight, perfect for a day at the beach over your sunscreen!


That’s everything – what did you think? I have read mixed opinions on September’s box. Quite a number of people were disappointed but then a lot of others were really impressed. I personally liked all the items in this box, but only slightly disappointed with the shampoo. However, being a birthday box I would have expected an extra item in place of the Elle magazine that wasn’t included this time. As the items are generally of the higher value I find these boxes are a great way of trying those items before splashing on something you may not like!  The total value of this box is approximately £58.30 (NZD$103.33).

Thanks for reading lovelies, until next time xx *Descriptions of items are from the booklet included, this post is not sponsored.