It’s that time of the month again!! Unboxing time….I think I’ve become slightly obsessed with the feeling of getting boxes and parcels in the mail and not knowing really what you’re going to get! Let’s see what’s inside this months’ bag:






1. mPrincess Mineral Eyeshadow, Shade “Melting Maple”, Full Size 1.2g, RRP $16.99 – “mPrincess eyeshadows consist of highly pigmented powder with a surprisingly creamy texture, which provides a smooth and easily blendable finish”.

2. mPrincess Small Eyeshadow Brush, Full Size, RRP $19.50 – “Flatter and more precise than the medium eyeshadow brush, this brush packs on colour exactly where you want it. Works great with mPrincess Mineral Eyeshadow”.

3. ETC Lip Liner, Shade “Pure”, Full Size, RRP $4.00 – “ETC Lip Liner is long lasting and easy to apply, and the colours go well with the ETC Lipstick range”.

4. Sasy N Savy Pure Crème Rose Geranium Cleanser, Deluxe Size 30ml, Value $12.60 (Full Size 100ml, RRP $42.00) – “This cleanser has a deep cleansing and firming effect on the skin to improve skin elasticity, making it look radiant and smooth. Ideal for dry to sensitive skin”.

5. Medusa’s Make-Up Lip Gloss, Shade “Rumors”, Full Size 6ml, RRP $12.00 – “All natural Paraben free, cruelty free lip gloss with brilliant shine”. *I was freaking out a little bit when I saw this shade. Thankfully the colour isn’t that bright at all, in fact it is beautiful! I love it. It looks very natural and my lips are only the slightest little bit purple.

6. MYSTERY ITEM: Free sample of Loreal Paris Infallible Make-up Lasting Perfection Foundation, Shade “Golden Beige” – I’ll give this a go, it looks like my shade and it’s for all skin types!

There you go, that’s everything! I’m quite happy with all of these items. I wasn’t that excited to see more mPrincess products but the eyeshadow is INCREDIBLY pigmented and the brush compliments the eye shadow really well.  There is a bit of fall out with the eyeshadow so I recommend using under eye pads!  The lip gloss looked scary but I actually really like it and I’m always pleased to receive a new face cleanser.  The value of this months bag is approx. $65.00 and I paid $20.00.

Thanks for reading, until next time xx