I haven’t dedicated a post to empties so I thought it about time I jumped on that bandwagon! Majority of this months’ items are deluxe samples from beauty boxes, some were great, others not so great – but in saying that it was good to finally to get to the end of them.  I’ll start off with items I really liked:


1.  Boots No7 Airbrush Away Primer, 30ml – I bought this for $15 from Postie Plus, I’m not sure where else in NZ you can buy this, but Postie Plus stock a range of Boots products so go check them out. “Magic away signs of ageing with this clever primer, containing light diffusing particles, designed to make you look younger instantly by putting fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and pores into soft focus”.

2. Bloom & Blossom Rejuvenating Facial Spritz, 40ml – “A fantastic skin conditioner with collagen boosting ingredients, aloe vera and lime oil to help improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles and dark shadows”. This felt really refreshing to spritz on my face in the morning, the citrus scent was really nice too.

3.  Ren Clean Skincare Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist, 9ml – “Instantly shields and protects the skin from the ageing effects of harmful free radicals and environmental pollution. Helps to strengthen the skin’s natural defences against oxidative stress, boosting the skin’s ability to detoxify”.

4. Mio Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak, 53ml – “Liquid Yoga is your personal masseuse in a bottle – packed with essential oils, Arnica, Magnesium and powers actives”.

5. Secret Key High Protection Sun Cream, 30g, SPF50+ – I couldn’t find a description for this online but what I love about this sunscreen is that, not only it is SPF50, it is incredibly lightweight. It’s not heavy under my makeup at all, which I would expect being SPF50. It is really smooth and creamy and glides on over my skin effortlessly.

Now to my not so great products:


1. Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo With Jujube Bark Extract, 75ml – First of all this smells extremely manly. I did wonder if it is actually a men’s product but given that I received it in a women’s beauty box I am confused. I didn’t find this product bad but it wasn’t exciting either. It did nothing for my hair at all. It made it feel clean but it didn’t give me any volume, it didn’t help my dry ends and it didn’t make my hair look shiny like it says it would.

2.  Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Exfoliant, 30ml – I have read so many good reviews about Paula’s Choice but I was a bit bummed this product didn’t work for my skin.  Firstly I actually couldn’t get past the scent of this product, it reminded me of nail polish remover.  And secondly, it made me break out in acne overnight. I’ve been using natural products for a long time now and rarely get acne but I used this for a week and about 5 pimples appeared overnight.  I quickly had to stop using this.

3. Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Sea Salt Beach Look Texture Spray, 50ml – Goodness I wish I loved this! I’ve always wanted my hair to look beachy! This products smells amazing, I actually just want to spray it on my hair daily purely for the scent. But unfortunately this turned my hair into near dreadlocks.  It made my hair extremely knotted and barely touchable without feeling like I was pulling my hair out.

There you have it, have you tried any of these items? Let me know if you had a different experience with any of the items shown.  Thanks for reading, until next time xx