If you looked through my previous post you’ll see that I received the Essential Brush Collection by Nude By Nature for Christmas.  I’m not a make-up artist, nor do I actually use a lot of make-up but when I do wear makeup I want to be sure I’ve got some good quality brushes at hand.  I only have one set of brushes but these were definitely getting beyond their days so I received these at a really good time!  I had seen these at Farmers and begrudgingly resisted the temptation to purchase them right before Christmas so I was happy to receive them.





The Essential Collection Professional Brush Set includes 7 individual brushes; Kabuki Brush, Powder Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Eye Blending Brush, Eye Definer Brush and Lip Brush – all zipped inside a faux-leather case for organisation and storage for home or travelling.  One thing I love about these brushes is that they are each discreetly labelled to assist with brush selection, making application even easier.  As I said, I’m no makeup artist so when it comes to brush selection I don’t know what is good for what.  Having the brushes labelled is a really good addition.





These brushes are incredibly soft and are a breeze to work with.  According to Nude By Nature their brushes are made from high quality synthetic fibres and perform just as well as natural hair.  With regards to the packaging, the brushes are very lightweight and easy to use.  The length of the brushes are on point with my preference, apart from the Kabuki Brush. I’ve never used one of those before so the shortness of that is a bit strange but no doubt I will get used to that.  I love the rose gold feature on these brushes and on the case, that’s what immediately got my attention, I think they’re beautiful.


The price of these brushes are so affordable for any beginner like me, or if you want to add to your current collection.  I believe they are $39.99AUD on the Nude by Nature website and you can buy these from Farmers for $44.95NZD which is reasonable.  I believe my set was purchased for $25 or somewhere around that on sale at Farmers, so look out for those sales!  Do you own these brushes? If so, what do you think of them?  Anyway thanks for reading guys xx