“AND SO THE ADVENTURE BEGINS…” – That is the theme of this month’s box.  “This month’s design embarks on an adventure to find your beauty discoveries and to refresh your routine”.  I’m loving the simplicity of the design this month, and I love that they’ve added small cut outs on each side of the lid to make it easier to remove the lid.  Let’s have a look at what’s inside the January box:





1.  Trifle Cosmetics, Liquid Glow;  2.  Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara;  3.  The Vintage Cosmetic Company Rose Gold Tweezers;  4.  Nuxe Lotion Tonique Douce;  5.  Pixi by Petra Brow Tamer;  6.  Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask.








This month’s box includes 4 full sized items (Liquid Glow, Mascara, Tweezers & Brow Tamer).  The other items are deluxe premium sized items.  I did notice that we received the same Briogeo product in the 2016 April box (which is a bit contradictory to their “beauty discovery” theme) – a repeat of an item makes me wonder if they are just clearing out their stock.  Otherwise I think this month’s box is a good selection of “new” products, I’ve never received a brow tamer, tweezers, mascara or toner in any of the Look Fantastic boxes I’ve had so far.  As per usual you also receive a Beauty Box booklet, outlining details of each of the products in your box, and the latest edition of UK Elle Magazine (another name for advertising central!).  Overall I really like this box and look forward to next months…I just realised my 12 month subscription will be over soon!!! Eeek!