If you didn’t know, I subscribed to a 12 month subscription to I AM Co in December, I’m 3 months in now & love it.  In fact, this month’s is my favourite box yet!  Majority of items that I’ve received, I have either not heard of the brand or never tried the product.  This delight box is a great way of being introduced to brands that supplement a healthier lifestyle which I’m all for! Let’s see what was inside this months:

Tom & Luke Snackaballs, Zesty Lemon & Coconut, RRP $3.00

Ceres Organics Super Good Muesli, Cashew & Cranberry, RRP $13.90


Natracare Sanitary Pack & Makeup Removing Cloth, Free Samples


Culley’s Chilli Con Carne Seasoning, Original, RRP $3.99


Aotea Kawakawa Balm, RRP $14.95


Phoenix Organic Sparking Infused Water, Cucumber, Elderflower & Apple, RRP $4.50
Vigour & Vitality Coconut Butter, RRP $9.75



Like I said, this is my favourite box so far! I’m most excited about the Kawakawa Balm, Tom & Luke Snackaballs, Phoenix Sparkling Water (I HATE sparkling water but THIS is DELICIOUS!!!) and Coconut Butter!  What the heck, I love it all!!

Thanks for reading guys, I can’t wait to receive my March Delight Box!! xx