It’s that time of the month again when I delve into my box of empties and share a thing or two about each product that I’ve used up .. also a time of getting excited that I’m about to throw all these bottles, tubes and what not into the recycling – does anyone else get excited about that or is it just me?

As per usual – let’s start off with my “worthies of a repurchase”:


1:  Vichy Laboratoires Liftactiv Supreme Progressive anti-wrinkle and firmness correcting care cream for sensitive skin – I absolutely loved using this moisturiser.  I can’t find any info on the box to say whether it’s for day or night but it could easily be said it’s for both.  It is incredibly hydrating, leaves my skin feeling super smooth and also creates a good base for makeup (no primer necessary).  It is safe to say that this is one of the best moisturisers I’ve ever used.  *Note I have dry skin.


2:  Hoola by Benefit – No doubt you’ve either tried this product or have heard about it.  This was one of the first bronzers I ever tried and I still love it.  I’m not sure how long you’re supposed to keep this for but mine has lasted for well over 12 months.  I love the packaging, it’s so convenient and easy to use/easy for travelling because of its magnetic closure.  I can’t say I used the brush that it came with, I’ve always preferred to use a powder brush.  Although the bronzer shade looks dark in the box, I find it comes off really lightly on my skin and I can have as little as I like or build it up.


3:  Moisturising Crème Cleanser by Essano – Firstly what I love about this product is that it promises no parabens, harsh chemical sulphates, silicones, phthalates and ethoxylates.  But please don’t ask me what all those words mean, in particular the last two.  This is also suitable for all skin types and 98.76% of ingredients are of natural origin.  This is so soft on my skin and doesn’t dry it out.  This cleanser also smells really nice and will last you a lifetime! Only a small dot is needed to cleanse.


4:  Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner by Label.M – Despite the fact that it says “London Fashion Week” on the packaging, I had never heard of this brand before seeing it on one of those clearance websites, maybe NZ Sale or something similar.  I think they were around $4 each.  I loved using these two products.  The shampoo did what it claims, made my hair feel more fuller and gave it the lift it needed.  The conditioner worked with the shampoo well and surprisingly I finished these two products at the same time.  Usually I have half a bottle of conditioner left after finishing off a shampoo.

This month I’m adding a “on the fence” section.  These products I didn’t particularly really dislike, but they’re products I would prefer to say a “maybe I would re-purchase, maybe I wouldn’t”:


5:  False Lash Wings Mascara & Brow Artist Plumper by Loreal – I really liked using the mascara, in particular I liked the wand.  It picked up every lash and gave each one some good length. But what I disliked about it, it dried up after not even using it for a month.  When I compare it to other mascaras I’ve used, I can usually get a good 2-3 months out of them.  So I’m not entirely sure whether I got a dud or not.  Again, I really liked the brow plumper, the wand was fantastic, it tamed every brow and kept them in place all day.  After a few weeks of using, instead of drying up like the mascara, my wand seemed to become saturated in product and got frustrated with trying to remove it all the time.  If I tried to use it like that, of course too much product got on my brows and made a mess of them.  Anyone else experience this with these products?


6:  Every Day Cream Cleanser by Goodness Products – I LOVE products by Goodness, they’re one of my all time favourite brands for skincare but unfortunately this cleanser slightly missed the mark for me.  But it’s not to say I wouldn’t get it again because it’s super affordable, is nice to use, smells great and is made with some beautiful natural ingredients.  My only qualm is that it didn’t 100% remove my makeup so before or after each use I had to use an extra method of cleansing, which is one extra step I prefer to stay away from unless absolutely necessary.  Great product, just not perfect.

Now a couple of products I would not repurchase:


7:  Hydra Floral BB Cream by Decleor – I’ll start off by saying, the BB cream shade itself was really nice, it suited my skin tone and presented a natural look but gave an extra bit of coverage which I liked.  I don’t know how, but it somehow kept moving/seeping..I don’t quite know the word..into my eyes and it stung like hell for a good few minutes where I couldn’t actually open my eyes.  I used it a couple of times until finally realising it was the BB Cream.  I’ll be staying well away from this one.


8:  Pure Crème Rose Geranium Cleanser by Sasy n Savy – This cleanser gave off a floral scent that I didn’t particularly like and I found the cleanser too light and thin, almost like a milky cleanser consistency.  I found it didn’t do much for my skin, only made it feel dry so I wouldn’t purchase this again.

So there you go guys, that’s all of my empties for February! Thanks for reading, and until next time xx