When Beauty Review put out notice that they needed 40 people to trial Max Factor’s Foundation & Smooth Miracle Primer I didn’t hesitate to put my hand up.  Completing a 2 minute survey was all it took and a few hours later I got an email confirming I was one of the lucky ones selected.

I believe there were 4 different types of foundation to trial and the survey asked the questions that determined what foundation was suitable with your answers.  I got selected to trial Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation, and the Smooth Miracle Primer was a given – bonus! So off I went to Farmers to select my shade to which I settled with “75 Golden”.  At the same time I couldn’t help but notice the price tag on these – an approximate value of $80.00 for both items, I was feeling pretty lucky!


When the products arrived I was able to take a moment to get a feel for the packaging, something I didn’t bother with when selecting my shade.  Both bottles have a pumper with a bottom that pushes the product up which, apart from jars for skincare that you can scoop product out of, are my favourite kind! There’s nothing like the frustration of a bottle of product that doesn’t pump out the stuff at the bottom!  Both bottles are solid plastic topped with a solid plastic lid that clicks on securely.  Whilst the pumper feels like plastic, the quality feels good enough that it won’t break if you pushed it too hard.

The RRP for these items are: $42.99 (Primer); $38.99 (Foundation).  You receive 30ml of product – I personally am willing to spend that much money on either of these products if they prove justifiable.  Keep reading for my thoughts!




As the name suggests, the Smooth Miracle Primer claims to smooth skin texture to provide a smooth and even foundation application – which is primarily the reason I apply primer in the first instance – so to me this name suggests it is a lot better than other primers.  One pump of this is all you need to cover your entire face.  The product feels a lot like a moisturiser and glides over your skin like a moisturiser would.  However it didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy at all, my skin felt smooth and soft.  At this point I’d like to point out that, if you didn’t know, my skin type is “dry”.  With this in mind, I applied foundation after one pump of primer and also applied foundation at another time after using two pumps of primer. Whilst this is a beautiful primer, my foundation applied better after using extra primer as my dry skin absorbed the primer too fast after one pump.

The Skin Luminzer Foundation claims to instantly capture light for a healthy looking glow.  I found this didn’t give the luminous glow I hoped for but I really like the natural and fresh looking coverage it gave. There appears to be a small amount of shimmer in some parts of the foundation which gave some glow but it didn’t stand out in my opinion.  I found this foundation applied easily with the Smooth Miracle Primer and the same with other primers I tried it with – I found no difference with different primers.  However I concluded that I got better coverage using a brush over a beauty blender or using my fingers.  Here is a before & after shot (using natural lighting; no filters or edits; minimal makeup):



In terms of lasting power, it did a pretty good job! I experienced a tiny bit of creasing around my nose area but nothing a quick touch up couldn’t fix. There was no clinging to any flaking skin either. By the end of a typical work day I did notice there was some fading but in saying that, I prefer a natural look when applying foundation so I didn’t necessarily layer this foundation up for a complete makeup look.  I did test the foundation for layering and this proved no issues – it was easy to add extra coverage, the foundation didn’t move or look cakey.

Would I repurchase? For the price and amount of product, and bearing in mind I have dry skin, I wouldn’t repurchase the primer but I would purchase the foundation.  I feel they work well together but as stated above, I found no difference in using the primer with other foundations and no difference using the foundation with different primers. To me this all comes down to my dry skin for the primer – I was using more primer than I should so perhaps this should be recommended for “normal” skin.  I enjoyed using the foundation and I got good coverage using a small amount, it had a lasting effect and didn’t look cakey.

Thanks BR for selecting me for this trial and thanks for the beautiful products! Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading my review xx