You’ve seen this brand all over social media, you’ve probably even seen the Kardashians state that it was their favourite skincare brand (of course we all know celebrities are paid to say that!) so I was eager to find out whether Mario Badescu skincare products really did tick all the boxes.


Because of my dry skin I was limited to what I could purchase but in the end I ordered the Anti-Ageing Regimen Kit which included Gycolic Foaming Cleanser (59ml), Glycolic Acid Toner (59ml), Collagen Moisturizer (29ml), Super Collagen Mask(14g) and Glycolic Eye Cream (not stated but around 5g).  This set was a good way to test out the products without the hefty price tag.  The one product I felt was missing from the kit was a night cream or at least a serum.  The other product I purchased separately was the Strawberry Tonic Mask.


First and foremost I was surprised with the packaging. As you know, this brand is no supermarket brand, it comes at a cost, so my expectations were high. The products are packaged, in my opinion, in cheap plastic. The lid to the collagen mask cracked from placing it in my bathroom drawer – it’s not good quality at all.  You’ll notice that the lid of the cleanser, toner and moisturiser has a little “stick” that you pull up to get the product out.  Great idea for the cleanser and toner, but I found this most annoying for the moisturiser. The product dries a little bit causing a jam in the “stick” which makes for an almost explosion the next time you use it.


I spent a good amount of time in and out of hospital while I was pregnant with my two sons – what’s that got to do with these products? The scent of these products smell exactly like hospital soap/hand sanitizer that the Drs and nurses used to come around smelling like. I was hugely disappointed with this.  The eye cream was the only non-scented product.  The Strawberry Tonic Mask however smelled like, you guessed it, strawberries which was a pleasant relief.



If you can get past the packaging and smell and focus on the actual use of the product then you’ll actually enjoy them.  The cleanser was really good, the toner was just like any other toner, the moisturiser was a bit heavier than other products I’ve used but great for my dry skin and I LOVED using the eye cream (by far my favourite product!).  However I found the Collagen Mask a bit drying.  The Strawberry Tonic Mask was really nice to use – it felt incredibly light on my skin, smelt good and left my skin feeling refreshed, cleansed and smooth.


Do I think they’re worth the hype? No! I’m sold on the eye cream though – this feels amazing!  Have you tried Mario Badescu? What are your thoughts? I’d love to know what products you’ve tried and whether they’re better quality than the anti ageing products xx